Embargoed Areas and Maps

Embargoed Areas

According to the IOF Competition rules (ยง 26.5), embargoed areas are forbidden for all potential WOC 2023 athletes, team officials and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain, may influence the results of the competitions. All embargoed areas are forbidden to enter. More information and previous maps are available on Eventor and on this website.

The official file on Eventor you find here: Embargoad Areas

Previous Maps

Previous Map 1 : Crap Sogn Gion-Curnius-Plaun

Previous Map 2: Foppa-Runca-Prau Pulte 

Previous Map 3: Laax Murschetg

Previous Map 4: Flims Waldhaus

Previous Map 5: La Mutta-UaulGrond

Previous Map 6: Got Grond-Parsonz